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        It’s Great to Be a
        Tennessee Vol

        Connection defines us. Community drives us. What happens here is the spark for everything that follows.

        We are the Tennessee Volunteers.
        We light the way for others.

        Your Own Path

        Study what you love while working alongside expert faculty in a supportive atmosphere emphasizing hands-on research and service–learning.

        We take a team approach to your academic success. A personalized Vol Success Team is there with you from day one through graduation.

        Ready to learn more?

        Request information

        This is
        Rocky Top

        Become a part of the Volunteer family with a global network of 260,000+ alumni ready to make connections and open doors for students and new graduates.

        Invest in
        Your Future

        Guided by our mission of making sure cation is within reach, we are committed to investing in your future too.

        92% first-year students receive financial aid and scholarships

        $73M in institutional scholarships awarded annually

        Dreams + Opportunity = Success

        KoJak Wells, the first in his family to graduate from college, went from the stock room to a Fortune 500 company.

        Read KoJak’s story

        Become a Volunteer

        Start your application
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